Outsourcing call center SVYVE has 7 years of experience in call center outsourcing for companies in IT services and e-commerce working with banks, payment systems and online shops, has a knowledge of client’s businesses.

Working with us you get a Premium customer service, which helps to increase at times customer loyalty and causes profit growth. SVYVE solves your customers’ inquiries as quickly as possible, providing the most relevant information about the product or service. We have more than 1 million client requests, 87% of which have been resolved during the first contact. Call center agents provide client-oriented support for your business, acting not only by the scenario worked out, but also finding the most acceptable solutions for unusual situations.

Professional equipment and special software guarantees the quality and continuity of the contact line work of your project. Depending on your business needs SVYVE provides all the necessary channels for communication with customers:

  • by phone;
  • online chat;
  • email;
  • messengers, social media.

The working mode of the call center is based on the needs of the project:

  • in 24/7 mode;
  • within hours indicated by you;
  • one-time short period.

Our advantages:

  • High customer oriented approach. We are well aware that any effort to promote, advertise and market can be crossed out by one indifferent employee who responded to the customer’s request;
  • We collect and analyze feedback from customers, we offer ready-made solutions for optimization;
  • If necessary, we can provide several levels of support: information line, technical support and accounting of legal entities;
  • We will help to develop effective scripts;
  • Our employees are able to quickly master the technical material, which will relieve your IT department of repetitive questions that the user can not always cope with;
  • We are able to build processes of interaction with other departments of the company, we will create SLA if necessary;
  • We provide reports based on your needs for data analytics: time load, quantitative indicators, collect the topics of customer requests, allowing you to work with a ready and filtered customer issues, etc.;
  • We are glad to become your Customer Success Team to exceed the expectations of your customers;
  • High standards of service: maximum wait connection with the operator online chat / messenger – 30 seconds, a phone call – 10 seconds;
  • Saving history of requests of each customer;
  • In addition to call center services SVYVE provides an option of cooperation in the mode of “back office” of your company.

We guarantee:

  • A personal manager who will oversee your project;
  • Studying the specifics of your business;
  • Formation a positive image of the company;
  • Confidentiality of commercial information;
  • Strict quality control;
  • Providing of personalized reporting;

We treat the customer’s business as our own, so our mission is not only to take the call, but also to establish trust, maintain the customer and increase his loyalty to the company.

Satisfied customers will not only become permanent ones, but also will gladly “advertise” you to their friends, acquaintances and colleagues, which will certainly lead to the scaling up of your business!

Let us take care of your customers!