Our Services

Information Line 

The specialists of our contact center will provide your potential and existing customers with any help information regarding goods and services, the schedule of your offices, branches and outlets, terms and conditions of use, contact persons.
The question requiring more specific consultation can be forwarded to the specialist of the client’s company.

Hot line

Thanks to “Hot Line” service the consumer in real time can receive answers to his questions, get competent and qualified help in solving the difficulties that have occurred.

The Hot Line is an effective tool for communicating with regular and potential customers, allowing the company not only to expand its client database significantly, but also to increase the level of customer loyalty and the level of trust in brand promoting.

Customer Service 

Handling incoming calls
Processing Tickets
On-line chat with customers
1st / 2nd Line Customer Support
Service Support
Processing of requests and feedbacks/customer complaints in social networks

The agents of our call center will provide a prompt and effective solution to a wide variety of questions of your customers related to the use of services or products of your company.

Thanks to high-quality training and to the detailed knowledge about the specifics of the serviced project, 90% of questions of your customers will be solved in on-line mode.

Order Processing Services

The agents of our contact center will provide all the necessary information, product specifications and terms of receipt of goods/services, the actual cost and availability of goods, will make an order and give your manager a completed order already.
You will only have to make the customer happy by fulfillment his order.

Loyalty program handling

We politely and promptly register your customers in the loyalty program, help about all the terms of the program and provide any customer interest information about his bonus card.

Surveys and Questionnaires

Customer surveys agreed upon with the client’s clearly defined questions allows you to track customer satisfaction assessment level, analyze the success of marketing/advertising campaigns, get up to date information about the quality of your product and service level.


  • Definition of the project objective and development of a customized launch plan.
  • Structuring client’s database, creating a knowledge base and scripts.
  • Coordination of customer communication channels.
  • Coordination of the format and frequency of reporting.
  • Training our agents.
  • Preparing and recording a voice greeting IVR (on request)
  • Launch call center project